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wupdate failed to start on Win7

wupdate failed to start on Win7

Postby hasandurukan » February 11th, 2019, 8:16 am

Hey there, Im having some issues about automatic updater on win7. I have a windows form application project on .net 3.5. I integrated the project with wybuild perfectly, however there is a problem when I want to use that application on Windows 7. Its perfectly running on Windows XP and Windows 10,but even if I try it different machines which have win7 I get an error "wupdate failed to start.". But when I try to run wyupdate seperatly by clikcing even if its running late(10-15 sec before wyupdate prompt the screen) update the program succesfully. These win 7(win7 pro) machines have like 1 gb ram and half of it available when I started to program. Other machines which have win xp is not any better from win7 machines, but its running without any problem.

After I searched this problem on internet I found some solutions like aupdate dll version etc. but they did not any good on my problem.


Re: wupdate failed to start on Win7

Postby Wyatt » February 11th, 2019, 8:40 am

Not nearly enough information is provided:

"wupdate failed to start" is not a good report. Version numbers, architecture, reproducibility, where did this error come from, have you tried attaching a debugger to your app? etc., etc., etc., etc.
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