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Peppier Website

October 11th, 20085 Comments

Today I changed the style of to be much brighter. I felt that if this site didn’t burn out your retinas while simultaneously giving you a cavity, then it just wasn’t good enough.

A notable addition to the site is the open source list. It lists the dedicated pages for VistaMenu, SplitButton, wyUpdate Client, and some of my older projects.

I’ve also uploaded version 1.0 final of wyBuild (a.k.a. InstantUpdate). I’ll have a blog post later on explaining all of the many changes. But, for now, just download wyBuild and begin exploring. It was designed to be easy to use right out of the box.

CueSharp v0.4.6 corrects a minor issue with the end lines on Unix machines vs. Windows machines. I’ve opted to change ‘\r\n’ (the windows type endline) to the more general C# function ‘Environment.NewLine.’ This will allow for correct output whether you’re using CueSharp with Mono on Linux or the vanilla .NET framework on Windows.

In other news, the site has undergone some minor performance and graphical tweaks in preparation for the (long-delayed) forum. If all goes to plans, the forum will be up this weekend (Feb. 24-25).

Lastly, my Water World article drew some interesting responses from people. Mostly negative, in fact. I wonder if these people realized that it wasn’t an exposition on the cons of water conservation, but rather a damnation of a misguided fool. Probably not. These people likely also think the caricature I painted of myself is reality, and not lifted straight from the pages of Charles Dickens. Patrick Stewart would be disappointed.

Site (Re)design

June 29th, 2006One Comment

I’ve spent the last week and a half redesigning from scratch. It has been a painful journey, and it’s mostly Internet Explorer’s fault. I’ll post a little piece on the design decisions and some tricks I used, but first I need some sleep.

If you have any strong feelings about the design, post a comment. If not, wait for my article.

Good night, and good luck. (Ok – I’m a thieving bastard, but what’s ‘R. Murrow going to do?)