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June 16th, 2007

The time has come to ditch my utterly worthless webhost, GoDaddy, for an ostensibly better one. GoDaddy has shown their worthlessness fleetingly over the past year from denial of service attacks to their frequent database mismanagement, all in all adding up to several days of lost work. Their revolting ineptness peaked this last week. GoDaddy recently fiddled with the configuration of their FTP servers effectively denying me all access to the files on

This latest gaff on GoDaddy’s part comes at a particularly bad time for me – I was in the process of releasing the InstantUpdate Release Candidate. This release will fix huge problems in both the designer and the client, while also having enough stability to be used in production environments. I’ve spent so much time on it that I was dying to put up some screenshots of it – it’s that nice to look at and use. Alas, GoDaddy has foiled my plans; three months of work in the making has been delayed by GoDaddy’s idiocy.

Once I change from this lousy webhost I’ll release the latest version of InstantUpdate. Until then, I’ll continue to pound away at my code.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga.

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