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June 9th, 2006

Over the next week I will be redesigning (formerly InstantUpdate), this blog, and the forum. Then comes the fun – InstantUpdate Beta 2, it comes with a slew of bugfixes and internal speedups/logic fixes. It sounds about as exciting as reading the design specs for a pencil sharpener, but the increased speed and stability will be a nice change for those of you who’ve braved the Beta 1 and previous builds.

This summer will also bring a few nifty new user interface interface controls for .NET developers, and one boring parsing library.

I have an excitement about these projects that can’t be conveyed without seeing all the cool stuff I’ve been working on. So, stay tuned and you’ll see what I mean.

Regarding the blog

This blog will start as my little rambling place for those torturous, but inevitable, 12+ hour programming sessions. My hope is for this site to evolve to be more than that.

Regarding the forum

The forum is the place for help of any kind with my software. You can throw suggestions, complaints, and even (well written) criticisms at me with an almost guaranteed response. This system will be more efficient than using e-mail for everything as I did on my old site because I’ll be able to see messages without them being buried beneath the countless non-programming related e-mails I get.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back with more riveting programming related posts.

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