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August 29th, 2006

I’ve moved back into my college dorm, and have begun (re)setting up my server. Normally, I would say college would give me less time to work on InstantUpdate and CueSharp, but this semester is destined to be the easiest 4 months of my life.


If I remember correctly I promised 1.0 final about 8 months ago, and had I kept to my original feature set (which was damn limited) it would have happened. The plan is to release Beta 4 in the next 3 weeks, followed by a Release Candidate (RC) a couple of weeks later, then the 1.0 Final a few days later (a week, tops).

What’s in store? Beta 4 adds an expanded help file, ability to upload updates to your server(s), and a client that supports mirrors, so if one server dies, the client tries the next server on the list.

The RC will be the polishing release. No new features, just bug fixes, completed help file, and a usable start page in the InstantUpdate Designer.

The 1.0 Final will be any last minute bug fixes that went unfixed in the RC.


I plan on adding a Windows.Forms example project to show just what you can do with the CueSharp library – ETA the end of September. I also recently fell upon taglib-sharp, which is miles ahead of entagged-sharp as audio file taggers go. I’ll look into trying to integrate CueSharp with the taglib-sharp. I don’t know how far I’ll get.

That’s it for now. Download InstantUpdate Beta 3 and report bugs, so 1.0 Final is perfect. It’s free, ya know.

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