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October 21st, 2006

I don’t update my blog as frequently as I should, but I assure you I’ve been working continually on the InstantUpdate Beta 4 release. As I stated in my last post, this will be the last beta before a release candidate release, and the subsequent final version release.

So what’s taking so long?

As it goes with most things I lay my hands on, I want the Beta 4 to be very high quality before I release it to the world. This beta resolves many of the downloading bugs, adds a rollback feature for the outside chance that an update goes awry, Windows Vista compatibility, and many other smaller (but just as noticeable) general fixes.

But you promised it a month ago!

I know, I know. I consistently overestimate the free time I have, and underestimate the time it will take me. The release will be worth the wait, but if impatience is your nature, download Beta 3 and report all bugs. Though, note that most of the registry editing in the InstantUpdate Designer has already been overhauled, fixing all registry related bugs.

More posts! More posts! Attica! Attica!

I have 5 blog posts around three quarters complete, but time is needed to round them out and edit them. I could easily crank out drivel like “Top twenty ways to [x] your [y]”, but despite the recent popularity of these type of posts on sites like Digg and Slashdot, I prefer to be knowledgeable about topics before I start enumerating lists.

So, to sum up: be patient, great stuff is coming, and I’m still alive.

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