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TurboActivate 3.0

TurboActivate 3.0

Postby jkronstat » August 11th, 2011, 8:18 am

Was a new TurboActivate released in July? There still doesn't seem to be a way to know when new versions are released or what the latest version is without downloading and unzipping it.

Re: 3.0

Postby Wyatt » August 11th, 2011, 8:32 am

The new version is coming in a couple of days. (We're finishing the Mac version right now -- everything else is done).

To tell which version is out view the "Changes in TurboActivate" page. Or on the API page you'll see the version number in the download link. For instance, right now one of the links reads "Download TurboActivate v2.13 for Windows".

We're going to make an opt-in email list for people to be notified when new versions are released. However releasing this new version of TurboActivate has taken priority.
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